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Red meat and Health

Meat offers many nutritional benefits and thus a valuable role as part of a modern and balanced diet. Meat is rich in protein and provides us with essential minerals, particularly iron which is needed to make haemoglobin, the vital oxygen carrying constituent of blood, as well as being one of our best sources of zinc, which is necessary for the immune system and healthy skin. Meat is also an important source of dietary B vitamins; it contains vitamin B12 which is not found in foods of vegetable origin, but is vital for healthy blood and nerves.One more significant fact - Britain has the highest rate of heart disease among EC countries, but the second lowest meat consumption per head. France has the highest meat consumption and the lowest heart disease rate!

Safety Issues-Legislation

The British meat industry is one of the most closely controlled and highly regulated industries in Europe. A total of over 50 pieces of European and UK legislation cover all aspects of meat safety from production through to retail sale.

The Moral Implications of Eating Meat

Eating meat is a way of life, and moral concerns are matters for individuals. We respect the right of individuals to choose not to eat meat but believe that the vast majority, who choose to do so should not be made to feel guilty, for example, by 'special interest' pressure groups. Meat has always been part of our diet. The structure of our digestive system is evidence of this. Sir David Attenborough, the president of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, pointed out that humans have 'the teeth of an omnivore and the gut of certainly not a vegetarian'.

Meat Eating and the third World Issues

Eating less meat in the UK will not make more grain available for starvation relief overseas. Indeed, there is a surplus of grain in the world, so the problems are political rather than of supply None of the ecological dangers facing the world has a direct relationship with meat eating, There is a world surplus of beef so there is no truth in the statement that rainforests are destroyed simply to provide grazing land to produce more beef.

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